Song title: Over You (Remix)


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Fatso 98 – Over You (Remix) Mp3 Download.

“Fatso 98 – Over You (Remix)” is a remix of the song “Over You” by Fatso 98. Here’s what we know about this remix:

1. Artist:

  • Fatso 98: Fatso 98 is the artist behind the remix. Unfortunately, there is limited information available about the artist.

2. Original Song:

  • “Over You”: The original song “Over You” is by an artist named Nastic Groove. It is a popular deep house track that has gained significant attention and success.

3. Remix Description:

  • The remix by Fatso 98 takes the original deep house track “Over You” and adds a unique touch to it. The remix is said to have a deep flair that showcases Fatso 98’s understanding and range of deep house music. It is likely that the remix brings a fresh perspective and interpretation to the original song.

4. Release and Availability:

  • The release date of “Fatso 98 – Over You (Remix)” is not specified in the search results.
  • The remix may be available for streaming and download on various platforms, such as MP3LIST or other music platforms that feature remixes and deep house music.

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