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Cover art for Golden by Change+Check Choir & Joss Stone

Change+Check Choir & Joss Stone – Golden Mp3 Download.

The Change+Check Choir and Joss Stone collaborated on a song called “Golden.”

    • The Change+Check Choir is a group formed as part of Lorraine’s Change+Check campaign, which raises awareness about breast cancer .
    • The choir consists of women who discovered their breast cancer after seeing the campaign.
    • Joss Stone, a Grammy Award-winning singer, joined forces with the Change+Check Choir for this collaboration.
    • The collaboration aims to raise awareness about breast cancer and encourage people to check their breasts regularly.
    • The song “Golden” was written to reflect the experiences of the choir members and to spread the message of the campaign.
  1. “Golden” Song:
    • “Golden” is an original song recorded by the Change+Check Choir and Joss Stone.
    • The lyrics of the song convey messages of resilience, self-acceptance, and the importance of living one’s own truth.
    • The song emphasizes that despite facing challenges, individuals can still find strength and beauty within themselves .
    • It serves as an anthem for those affected by breast cancer and aims to inspire others to embrace their true selves.
  2. Release and Impact:
    • The song “Golden” was released as a charity single.
    • The collaboration between the Change+Check Choir and Joss Stone has garnered significant attention and support.
    • The goal of the collaboration is to raise funds for the Future Dreams Breast Cancer Charity.
    • By downloading or streaming the song, listeners can contribute to the cause and support breast cancer awareness initiatives

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