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Tate McRae  THINK LATER Album Download.

Tate McRae’s album “THINK LATER” is her highly anticipated sophomore studio album, released on December 8th, 2023. The album features a total of fourteen tracks and was released through RCA Records and Sony Music Entertainment. It follows her debut album, “i used to think i could fly,” which was released on May 27th, 2022.


  1. Cut My Hair
  2. Greedy
  3. Run for the Hills
  4. Hurt My Feelings
  5. Grave
  6. Stay Done
  7. Exes
  8. We’re Not Alike
  9. Calgary
  10. Messier
  11. Think Later
  12. Guilty Conscience
  13. Want That Too
  14. Plastic Palm Trees

The album was co-executive produced by Ryan Tedder and features production from Grant Boutin, Jasper Harris, Thomas LaRosa, and Tyler Spry. Two pre-release singles, “Greedy” and “Exes,” were released on September 15th and November 17th, 2023, respectively.

Tate McRae described the experience of writing the album as one of the most stressful, exciting, nerve-racking, and fun things she has ever gone through. She mentioned that she has lived the past year “a little less with her head and a little more with her intuition” and hopes that listeners can feel that through the music. The album explores the all-too-relatable feelings of falling in love and embracing raw emotions that result from leading with intuition and heart.

The album’s first single, “Greedy,” was released on September 15, 2023. McRae also announced a 53-date world tour in support of the album, which will take place from April to November 2024 and visit Europe, North America, and Oceania. She performed a song from the album, titled “Grave,” on Saturday Night Live.

Critical Reception:
Alexis Petridis of The Guardian reviewed the album and noted that the lyrics stick with themes of bad boyfriends, bedroom-door-slamming angst, and friendship group drama. Petridis highlighted tracks like “Greedy,” “Stay Done,” and “Hurt My Feelings” but commented that the album features melodies that are predictable or try too hard. Overall, Petridis concluded that McRae fits a lot of currently popular boxes without escaping them.

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