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Hood Hottest Princess (Deluxe) - Album by Sexyy Red | Spotify

Sexyy Red’s “Hood Hottest Princess (Deluxe)” album is a highly anticipated release that builds upon the success of her original “Hood Hottest Princess” album, The deluxe version of “Hood Hottest Princess” features 11 new songs in addition to the tracks from the original album. The album showcases Sexyy Red’s unique style as a scrappy rapper from St. Louis, known for her raunchy and hilarious strip-club anthems.

Sexyy Red’s confident and cocky delivery, reminiscent of Gucci Mane in his prime, shines throughout the album. The album includes collaborations with notable artists such as Chief Keef, G Herbo, 42 Dugg, Sukihana, and Summer Walker.

  1. Notable Tracks:
    • “Pound Town”: This raunchy viral rap hit became an instant classic, with its unprintable lyrics and rowdy Tay Keith beat.
    • “Female Gucci Mane”: Sexyy Red pays homage to Gucci Mane in this track, showcasing her own unique style.
    • “Born by the River”: This song stands out for its use of a Sam Cooke civil rights anthem as a jumping-off point for a tale of hustling drug dealers for snow crabs and Hennessy.
  2. Reception and Impact:
    • Sexyy Red’s breakout year, including charting on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Pound Town” and collaborations with artists like Nicki Minaj and Chief Keef, has set the stage for the success of “Hood Hottest Princess (Deluxe)”.
    • The album’s release follows Sexyy Red’s viral set at Rolling Loud Miami and her headlining “Hood Hottest Princess Tour”.
    • Sexyy Red’s ability to shock and invite listeners into her world of brash, jarring, and freaky music has garnered attention and a dedicated fan base
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