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Libianca  Walk Away EP DOWNLOAD

Libianca’s “Walk Away” EP is a captivating musical project that showcases the Cameroonian singer-songwriter’s vulnerability and introspection. Released in 2023, this EP delves into the challenges of knowing better versus doing better in relationships.


  1. In a Way
  2. angeldemon
  3. W.O.M.S (Weight on My Shoulder) featuring Blaqbonez and Moliy
  4. Mistaken featuring Oxlade and Chlöe
  5. Jah

Themes and Highlights:

  • The EP’s first half explores the theme of knowing when to move on in love. “In a Way” reflects on a breakup that turned out to be a blessing in disguise, while “angeldemon” delves into the complexities beneath the surface of a seemingly healthy romance.
  • “W.O.M.S (Weight on My Shoulder)” is a self-assured track that addresses the burden of a toxic relationship, featuring Nigerian rapper Blaqbonez and Ghanaian American singer Moliy.
  • “Mistaken” is a realization that the protagonist deserves better, with the help of Afro-fusion star Oxlade and American pop singer Chlöe.
  • The EP concludes with “Jah,” a celebration of moving towards a better future and a plea for divine assistance
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