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Izingqwele – Kuyabanda Zip EP Download.

Izingqwele, a South African music singer, has released an exciting album titled “Kuyabanda.” This album showcases Izingqwele’s unique musical style and talent. With a total of five tracks, “Kuyabanda” offers a diverse and captivating listening experience for fans of South African music.


  1. Siyakhuleka (ft. Tennis): The album kicks off with the energetic track “Siyakhuleka,” featuring Tennis. This song combines catchy beats and powerful vocals, creating an infectious and uplifting atmosphere.
  2. Umjolo Ngiyawusaba (Instrumental): The second track on the album is an instrumental version of “Umjolo Ngiyawusaba.” This instrumental showcases Izingqwele’s musical prowess and allows listeners to appreciate the beautiful melodies and arrangements.
  3. Uwthetho Wawavukane: “Uwthetho Wawavukane” is a standout track on the album. With its soulful vocals and captivating lyrics, this song takes listeners on an emotional journey, exploring themes of love and self-discovery.
  4. Kuyabanda: The title track, “Kuyabanda,” is a powerful and energetic song that showcases Izingqwele’s vocal range and ability to create infectious melodies. This track is sure to get listeners on their feet and dancing along.
  5. Umjolo Ngiyawusaba: The album concludes with “Umjolo Ngiyawusaba,” a heartfelt and introspective track. With its soul-stirring lyrics and emotive vocals, this song resonates with listeners on a deep level, exploring the complexities of relationships.
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