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Da Muziqal chef – Just A Taste Zip EP Download.

“Da Muziqal Chef – Just A Taste EP” is a musical project by the talented South African artist, Da Muziqal Chef. Here’s what we know about this EP:

1. Artist:

  • Da Muziqal Chef: Da Muziqal Chef is a South African musician and producer known for his unique blend of Amapiano and Afro House music.

2. EP Description:

  • “Just A Taste EP” is a collection of songs by Da Muziqal Chef. The EP features a total of six tracks, showcasing his musical abilities and creativity.
  • The EP offers a mix of Amapiano and Afro House sounds, combining infectious beats, soulful melodies, and captivating vocals.
  • Each track on the EP brings a unique flavor to the overall musical experience, allowing listeners to get a taste of Da Muziqal Chef’s diverse musical style.

3. Tracklist:
The tracklist for “Just A Taste EP” by Da Muziqal Chef includes the following songs:

  1. “Da Muziqal Chef” (feat. DaliWonga) – 07:13
  2. “Da Muziqal Chef” (feat. Eemoh, De Mthuda & Sam Deep)
  3. “Da Muziqal Chef” (feat. Azana & De Mthuda) – 06:22
  4. “Da Muziqal Chef” (feat. De Mthuda & MalumNator) – 06:22
  5. “Da Muziqal Chef” (feat. De Mthuda & Mzizi) – 06:02

4. Release and Availability:

  • “Just A Taste EP” by Da Muziqal Chef was released on October 27, 2023 .
  • The EP is available for streaming and download on various platforms, including Apple Music and other music streaming platforms.
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