Album title: Yasho


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Acutedose Yasho EP Download

Acutedose Yasho EP Zip Download

Acutedose, a music artist, has recently released an EP titled “Yasho”. This EP showcases Acutedose’s talent and passion for Amapiano music, adding a fresh vitality to the resurging sound.

Acutedose’s “Yasho” EP is a fusion of Amapiano and house music. Acutedose, who has a background in house music, has embraced the Amapiano sound and showcases his versatility as an artist through this project.

The EP features collaborations with various artists, including Druza, C-TRIX, Somculo Omnadi, and Nelo. These collaborations add depth and diversity to the EP, creating a dynamic listening experience for fans.

The “Yasho” EP has been well-received by music fans and critics alike. Acutedose’s ability to masterfully blend different tracks and create a melodious thread throughout the EP has been praised. The infectious beats and captivating melodies have resonated with listeners, further solidifying Acutedose’s presence in the Amapiano music scene.

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