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9mice ORPHEUS Album Download

9mice – ORPHEUS Album is the second studio album by the artist Sergey, also known as 9mice. The album features a familiar trap sound with elements of experimentation, catering to fans of electric and rage-style music. The album draws inspiration from the legendary Greek musician and singer Orpheus, aligning with Sergey’s artistic vision.

According to Sergey, the album was created impulsively and energetically, with each track being written without any intentional planning. The artist expressed his excitement and amazement upon listening to the completed project, describing it as a new level of creativity.

The album was first mentioned on September 23, 2023, in a Telegram channel called “Maysa”. Later, on November 17, members of VIPERR covered OBLADAET’s track “GP$” and announced the release date of “ORPHEUS” as December 8 .

On December 3, the tracklist for the album was revealed in Gosh Rubchinsky’s Telegram channel. The album features guest appearances from lifelessgarments, glaive, UNEEK, and Kai Angel. Although FACE and PHARAOH were initially mentioned in the tracklist, they did not appear on the final release.

On December 4, Maysa shared a promo account for the album called @fearoforpheus on Instagram. The account’s followers included PHARAOH, FACE, Kai Angel, lifelessgarments, and UNEEK, indicating their involvement in the album

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