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Song title: Tima Lebone

Album name: I Think Ka Nahana


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FakeLove Tima Lebone Mp3 Download

FakeLove Tima Lebone Mp3 Download:

“Tima Lebone” is an exciting collaboration between FakeLove, Yumbs, and Masterpiece YVK, three talented South African artists. This track has gained significant attention and showcases the unique musical styles of each artist. Here is some detailed information about “Tima Lebone” based on the search results:

Song Overview:

  • “Tima Lebone” is a captivating song by FakeLove featuring Yumbs and Masterpiece YVK.
  • The track has garnered attention and has become a favorite among fans of South African music.
  • With its infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics, “Tima Lebone” is a standout in the music scene.

Musical Style:

  • “Tima Lebone” falls under the genre of Amapiano, a popular South African music style known for its groovy beats and melodic elements.
  • The song combines elements of Amapiano with FakeLove’s unique sound, Yumbs’ production skills, and Masterpiece YVK’s captivating vocals.
  • The result is a sonically rich and cohesive masterpiece that showcases the versatility and talent of all three artists.


  • The collaboration between FakeLove, Yumbs, and Masterpiece YVK on “Tima Lebone” highlights their collective creativity and musical prowess.
  • Each artist brings their individual strengths to the track, creating a seamless blend of their styles .
  • The synergy between FakeLove, Yumbs, and Masterpiece YVK is evident in the captivating verses and soulful vocals throughout the song.


  • “Tima Lebone” was expertly produced by Yumbs, who flawlessly brings the track to life.
  • The production showcases Yumbs’ skills in creating a sonically rich and cohesive sound that perfectly complements FakeLove’s vocals and the contributions of Masterpiece YVK .

Reception and Impact:

  • “Tima Lebone” has received positive feedback from fans and music enthusiasts.
  • The infectious melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and stellar collaborations have resonated with listeners, making the song a hit in the South African music scene.
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