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Song title: Emergency

Album name: Make E No Cause Fight 3


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Boj – Emergency ft. Ajebutter22

Emergency by Boj ft. Ajebutter22 mp3 Download

Boj – Emergency ft. Ajebutter22 is an exciting collaboration between Nigerian artists Boj and Ajebutter22. “Emergency” is a captivating song by Boj featuring the talented artist Ajebutter22 . The track showcases Boj’s unique style and Ajebutter22’s rap skills, creating a perfect blend of smooth vocals and captivating verses.

The song is known for its infectious melodies and catchy lyrics that will have listeners hooked from the first play. “Emergency” is a standout track that highlights the musical chemistry between Boj and Ajebutter22, making it a must-listen for fans of Nigerian music.

The collaboration between Boj and Ajebutter22 on “Emergency” brings together their distinct musical styles and creates a dynamic and engaging track. Boj’s smooth and soulful vocals complement Ajebutter22’s rap verses, resulting in a seamless blend of genres. The synergy between the two artists is evident throughout the song, making it a standout collaboration in the Nigerian music scene

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